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LENNIX® Pro for industrial cranes is a control and regulation system which enables cranes to position their loads quickly and to reduce the risk of collision. It independently eliminates the unavoidable oscillations that occur while the crane is in operation. 


LENNIX® Pro is a control and regulation system which enables ship-to-shore gantry cranes to position their loads quickly and to reduce the risk of collision. It independently eliminates the unavoidable oscillations that occur while the crane is in operation. 


Sway movements of load are often provoked during operation of cranes. Swaying movements are also caused by external forces like wind or inclined hoist. These load sway movements may slow down the
handling operation or cause collisions.  

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Persuasion through competence, flexibility and transparency

What once started as a simple anti-sway, has since been developed into a product that meets the modern safety demands and automation possibilities. The protection of man and machine is only guaranteed when antisway and intelligent monitoring functions work hand in hand together. At the same time, Lehnert Regelungstechnik strives for operator friendliness and reliability.

High Performance and optimized Hardware opens possibilities that exceed conventional technologies. A large spectrum of solutions has been developed through experience and close cooperation with customers. Lehnert Regelungstechnik provides proven technology and will continue to expand its development by each new case for you.

LEHNERT stands for experience, innovation and quality

The company LEHNERT crane intelligence was founded in 2009 as a German family business. LEHNERT is characterized as an efficient company that manufactures, delivers and commissions control systems for sophisticated cranes worldwide and on time.

Development / Sales / Production / Service of innovative crane driver assistance systems

Founded: October 2009
Location: Magdeburg
Factory Capacity: more than 400 units per year






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What our customers say

Dvesta Ltd.

“We equipped two old cranes with LENNIX® Foxtrot and must say it's really easy to use. All you need to take care of is the correct sensor installation. Even if the wheels do not stand vertically and are not in the track, the system works rather good and prevents rail and wheel flange contact. Customer support is also good and helping.”

LASE industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH

"The company LASE industrial Lasertechnik GmbH uses the products of the company Lehnert Regeltechnik GmbH within the framework of the full automation of container bridges. We appreciate the high level of professional competence and the trusting cooperation"

Cargotec Netherlands B.V.

“Good working System, easy to install and user friendly with excellent support. We would recommend this system for any other crane project.”

Kranbau Köthen GmbH

"The cooperation with Lehnert control technology, paired with professional competence, installation and commissioning on the construction site, is very convincing, sovereign and is unparalleled."

Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd.

“LENNIX® Charlie has become our standard solution for anti-sway and automatic positioning. We are very pleased with their expertise and technical support.”




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