Precise measurement and positioning with LENNIX® Sense – Camera Measuring System

Areas of application

LENNIX® Sense is a measurement system which calculates transverse displacements and skews in relation to their zero position. LENNIX® Sense is mainly used on container and bridge cranes for precise positioning of the load.

LENNIX® Sense acquisition of the position

LENNIX® Sense measures the displacement of the horizontal and vertical camera image (x, y), the skew of the reflector around its center (ϕ) and its distance from the camera (z). Typical areas of application are the position measurement of spreaders or load handling devices of cranes.

Functional mode of operation

LENNIX® Sense uses a high power infrared flash. The emitted light is reflected back from a retro-reflective marker and is registered by a high resolution camera. An image processing system verifies if the recorded image corresponds with the size and shape of the marker and calculates the measurement values from the image. Flash duration and exposure time of the camera are adjusted automatically to achieve ideal lighting conditions and high measurement accuracy.

Depending on the measurement range, reflectors with varying sizes are used. With increasing measurement distance, the dimensions of the reflector increase. The reflector doesn’t need a power supply unless it is heated.

Reliable and uncomplicated

Compact, high-performance, easy to integrate

With infrared flash – precise measurement also in difficult lighting conditions

Simple commissioning and maintenance

Committed, competent, reliable


  • Precise and contact-free position detection of the reflector
  • Simple inclusion into different systems via Ethernet or Profibus
  • No power supply for the measurement object needed

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