Always on the right track with LENNIX® Foxtrot – Tracking Controller for Industrial Cranes

Areas of application

LENNIX® Foxtrot is a tracking controller ensuring that the crane wheels are centrically kept the rail track or – in the configuration as concurrent-run controller – both crane sides are kept to same height level. This result is achieved through separate control of both driving sides of crane.

The controller receives information about position and travelling direction of crane from a number of sensors.

The tracking controller LENNIX® Foxtrot is intended primarily for portal and bridge cranes. The two sides of the crane have to be separately controlled and driven via converter. Sensors have to be mounted at the crane to control position and orientation of the crane with respect to the rails.


The LENNIX® Pro tracking controller for industrial cranes receives from PLC the standardized measuring values of sensors fitted to the crane. The controller takes these measuring values for calculation of crane’s position and alignment plus desired speeds for left and right travelling drive. These speeds are transmitted to PLC. These desired speeds ensure that the crane is controlled centrically on the rail track.

In case the controller is configurated as concurrent-run controller, speeds ensure that the crane sides are permanently kept to the same height level – even in the acceleration and deceleration phase of travelling movement.

The desired control quality and dynamics may be set on the controller. However, this is even dependent on design features and electric parameters of the crane.

Straightforward and reliable

Compact, high performance, easy to implement with universal interfaces

Allows for the most effective anti-sway solutions in all weather conditions

Simplifies the set-up process and maintenance

Dedicated, reliable, and competent


  • No wear of the tracking control elements
  • No tilt of the crane structure
  • Cost reduction because of no wheel changes

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LENNIX® Pro tracking ontroller for industrial cranes

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